How HYPERVSN 3D technology works. The impressive four-ray rotor of the HYPERVSN hardware spins at fewer revolutions per minute than two-ray rotors which produce next-level 3D digital visual displays.

Running at a controlled speed of 670RPM produces sharper clarity which in turn creates a brighter and bolder final image. Our unique integrated system allows users to create, display & manage 3D visuals like never before.

The final result is a 3D image that resembles holograms floating in mid-air achieved by the HYPERVSN hardware which is synced with the HYPERVSN CMS to produce truly awe-inspiring 3D visuals every time.

What is HYPERVSN 3D Technology

HYPERVSN is leading the display revolution with its innovative disruptive visual holograms. This integrated system allows users to create, display and control 3D visual displays that appear to float in the air.

This breakthrough in 3D technology has been achieve by developing breakthrough holographic hardware that integrates with the HYPERVSN CMS to produce stunning, engaging, and disruptive 3D visuals.

The core components are the HYPERVSN device, the HYPERVSN CMS and the HYPERVSN content creator. The devices deliver the 3D display, the CMS manages the device and the 3D content. The last component the content creator enables the customer to create, select or order the perfect 3D content for their needs.

Why is HYPERVSN different?

Firstly, HYPERVSN are achieving the highest quality holographic images available today. At 670 RMP 3D visuals appear to be holograms using the HYPERVSN four ray technology.

Secondly, we are producing consistent quality of visual delivery, that even under bright lights, extreme temperature or behind glass still maintain an unrivalled sharpness.

Thirdly, with over 16 million hues of brightness the display of visual colour is always guaranteed to be as vibrant as possible.

The HYPERVSN product range range enables you to create a choice of image sizes with medium sized image up to 56cm using just one device. Using multiple units, you can create displays to a greater size and build visual walls.

Create your own 3D content

HYPERVSN have made it easy for users to create or customise 3D holographic content using a simple tool that requires no special training and the minimum of design skills. This makes creating your 3D content easy and time effective.

You can edit as many times as you need, quickly upload high quality 3D videos to the holographic display using a friendly interface. Your creative visuals can be further enhanced through the 3D content library.

Managing and planning functionality

HYPERVSN have made management of the devices simple by creating multiple device management across different locations. You can control your systems users and their access levels. The perfect user experience is controlled with seamless integration of all system components.

The system is quick and easy to set up using just basic tools, no high training is required to install this device. You can set the whole system up using our simple step by step guides. Devices automatically synchronise when using more than one unit.

The HYPERVSN system can be installed almost anywhere indoors. Easy to transport weighing just 2.8kg makes this system highly portable and convenient for multiple site use, exhibitions, and presentations.