Introducing HYPERVSN SmartV

The advancement of the HYPERVSN Technology continues with SmartV which will change the way we interact with digital content in the real world. This further advancement into the world of 3D Hologram imaging and displays will reshape the AV landscape.

SmartV will support 2D and 3D content, live streaming and HDMI connectivity are real plus points plus the ultra-fine pixel pitch, resulting in super sharp representations in 3D. With a brightness of up to 3000 nits (nit = the light from 1 candle per square metre) you can be assured that the brightest and sharpest images will be produced.

Lightweight and portable with interactive capabilities, SmartV takes HYPERVSN 3D technology to another level.


Single display of up to 56cm.

Ideal for creating, managing, and displaying stunning high-definition detailed 2D and 3D content that appears to float in mid-air. This provides a single paly solution up to 56cm and easily managed though the content management system.


Single display of up to 75cm.

Display brilliant vibrant 3D content that appears to float in mid-air before your very eyes. This version of HYPERVSN Solo will create images and displays up 75cm. All content is easily created and controlled through the content management system.


Scalable solution that enables you to increase the size of your displays and images.

This innovative 3D and 2D solution enables you to scale to much larger sizes than the HYPERVSN Solo. Manage and display high-definition visuals in amazing detail. The SmartV wall is achieved by scaling up single units to create a wall of 3D Holographic imagery that is easily installed, maintained, and managed.


Ideal for larger displays and images.

The HYPERVSN SmartV wall is made up of any number single displays, enabling you to create high definition images of a large size. This is the large solution for creating brilliant, bright holographic content that can be seen from a distance with ease. This really is the future of digital signage.


  • HDMI technology enables you to build an interactive concept such as an app, holographic game or a 3D model enabling you to zoom-in and out.
  • Camera based control displays content based on the viewers demographic. This creates a truly tailored approach to the messaging and visuals you create.
  • With voice control you can activate content that corresponds with the voice prompt given.
  • Tablet control gives you the functionality to swipe through 3D content, ideal for meetings, presentations and running through content that is catalogued.
  • With extra triggers control your holographic display with outside triggers such as motion sensors or data from online.