Add another Dimension to your Christmas display

Christmas window displays are one of the most exciting parts of the season for brands and customers alike. Across the country in malls and along sidewalks, businesses of all shapes and sizes look to outdo one another by embracing the Christmas spirit and spreading good cheer through their Christmas display. 

Yet, as effective as traditional and mechanical methods have been over the years, technology has given businesses the chance to take things even further. One popular, fun, and fruitful approach is through 3D holographic technology to enhance Christmas displays, but how does it achieve this?

How Can 3D Holographic Technology Enhance Your Christmas Display?

It Unlocks Imaginations

Holographic advertising offers something that traditional advertising methods cannot measure up to. If you’ve ever felt restricted by a classic window display, now is your opportunity to revel in the multitude of possibilities you have at your disposal. The holographic features can bring classic Christmas characters to life. From Santa Claus to Rudolph to the band of merry elves, they can soar overhead or work while also taking some time to stop and say hello to passing customers with a wave and a wink. 

It Will Attract People Of All Ages

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or even how old you are holographic content displays will always grab attention and attract people of all ages. This is especially true for people who have never seen holographic marketing displays up-close and in-person. The first time anyone sees holographic advertising, they will stop and watch. They will wonder for a second what is happening and whether what they are seeing is real. If they are out with their kids, there is a strong chance that they will stick around the whole show, and this might even encourage them to see what else you have in store.

It Adds Christmas Magic

Every business will strive to add some Christmas magic and make their customers feel good. Of course, some adults or even older kids might have lost some of this magic as they’ve grown up. But, with holographic marketing at events, you can help them recapture this magic. It can conjure memories of Christmas dinners with their family when they were younger, while the realistic quality of the high-definition images could make them believe again, even if it’s just for a second.

It Can Promote Offers

#The Christmas season brings plenty of offers for customers to take advantage of, but the crowded streets and malls can make it difficult to notice these offers. Using holographic signage to promote offers, discounts, and deals is more effective than standard 2D signs. They are more visible and visually appealing, and because they hint at something different, there’s a stronger possibility that people will check your store out.


There is no better way to spread the Christmas cheer and add another dimension and a little magic to your window displays than with holographic marketing. Whether you want to show Santa stopping off with a bag of gifts or a troupe of dancing bears shuffling to their favourite Christmas song, you can grab attention and make your display the one to watch.