Rental Service

Our rental service is a great way to test your market, try something different, and create a completely different impact at your next event, exhibition, product launch, or promotional campaign without making a purchase.

Try something different!

UNIFY VSN has an extensive range of display technologies to meet your needs, whether they are short-term or long-term. From our stunning HYPERVSN 3D imagery to our range of LED displays for both indoors and outdoors, we have the visual impact you need to create reactions that will drive results and experiences with your audience.

If you are not ready to invest but want to use 3D holographic displays or LED display technology, then we have a solution waiting for you. Benefit from this technology without making a full investment in purchasing it. Have the support of our expert team to ensure your rental experience is trouble-free and that you have access to the UK’s leading 3D holographic and LED display team.

  • Exhibitions
  • Seasonal events
  • Window displays
  • Product launches
  • Brand awareness
  • Seminars
  • Training


What types of events are best suited for LED displays and HYPERVSN Hologram technology?

Our LED displays and HYPERVSN Hologram technology are versatile and can be tailored to a wide range of events including trade shows, product launches, corporate events, exhibitions, and promotional campaigns. The high-definition visuals of LED displays are perfect for capturing attention in well-lit venues, while the HYPERVSN Hologram technology offers a unique 3D viewing experience, making it ideal for creating memorable and engaging presentations in darker settings or at night.

Can the content for the displays and holograms be customised for my specific event?

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive content customisation services for both LED displays and HYPERVSN Hologram technology. You can either provide your own content or collaborate with our creative team to design and develop bespoke visuals and animations that align with your event theme, brand identity, and messaging goals.

What is the installation and setup process for these technologies at an event site?

Our team of experienced technicians will handle the entire installation and setup process. For LED displays, this includes assembling the panels, calibrating the display, and ensuring secure mounting. For HYPERVSN Holograms, setup involves positioning the units in optimal locations, calibrating for brightness and clarity, and ensuring the content is displayed correctly. We conduct thorough testing to ensure everything is functioning seamlessly before your event begins.

What kind of support and troubleshooting services do you offer during the event?

We offer full technical support throughout your event. This includes technicians on call available to address any immediate concerns or unexpected issues, ensuring minimal downtime. Additionally, we provide a dedicated hotline for quick troubleshooting advice. Our goal is to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted experience, allowing you to focus on engaging your audience without worrying about the technical aspects. Call-out response Monday to Friday is four hours and at weekends eight hours. Our support service includes swapping of faulty modules.