Transparent LED Film

Continued growth in the demand for creative communication and visual display solutions has driven the popularity of adhesive transparent LED film technology. This unique, cutting-edge solution provides an effective method for displaying high-resolution images and videos without the bulky equipment of traditional display technologies.

The film, consisting of micro LED lights and printed circuit boards, is lightweight, flexible, and can be directly applied to glass surfaces. Apart from being easy to install and customisable to various sizes and shapes, it can also maintain transparency, enhancing its usage for applications requiring natural light. Furthermore, its energy-efficiency marks it a cost-effective solution, making it appealing to businesses and organisations of varying scales.

  • Hard and Soft Connection

    This feature pertains to the LED screen's light-emitting source. It showcases impressive characteristics such as transparency between 80 to 90% and low power consumption. This has the advantage of being able to turn any window into a visually stunning video wall with minimal lost of light through the window.
  • LED Transparent Screen

    Our transparent LED displays come in a variety of options there for making it completely modular to fit your specific window shape and sizes.
  • Certifications

    The products conform to both domestic and foreign industry standards. The manufacturer has received numerous patents and certifications like CCC, CE, FCC, ROHS, and flame-retardant testing.
  • Invisible PCB Technology

    This attribute allows for a remarkable see-through experience, giving viewers the illusion of stepping into the future. The transparency is over 90%, ensuring minimal disruption to the view through the glass during the day.
  • Easy Installation

    The LED transparent film can be applied directly to the glass without a frame, this does not damage or significantly alter the original design on the site.
  • Super Curve Format

    Some of our LED transparent film supports applications on curved glass or windows. This attribute allows for a curvature up to 1100R convex and concave, thereby allowing for wider sites to be redesigned as landmarks or feature displays.
  • Retail Store

    These displays serve multiple purposes including showcasing product and promotional information to captivate customer's interest. They also aid in brand promotion heightening the brand's image and influence. Additionally, such displays are effective in promoting various activities like new product launches and discount offers. The solution allows real-time updates, improving the currency of store information and enhancing the store's visual appeal and brand image, making the store appear more modern and appealing. Without losing the visual draw of instore merchandising.
  • Glass guardrail/balustrade

    The glass guardrail's and balustrade application scenario involves using transparent LED displays in shopping malls and stores for activity promotion, advertising, and navigation. This includes announcing new products, showcasing brands, sharing latest deals and offers, and providing maps and wayfinding for easy customer navigation.
  • Other

    Widely used in creative display, complimenting and enhancing visual merchandising in shopping malls, retail windows, exhibition display and other scenes.
  • Applied Directly on Glass

    This high-quality product utilises ultra-clear, ultra-thin materials that offer exceptional transparency and heat resistance. The meticulously crafted light board enables a permeability of up to 80%, seamlessly blending with the glass surface. The innovative design eliminates the need for a structural skeleton, allowing screens to be spliced together both horizontally and vertically. This versatile solution is perfect for commercial windows, glass curtain walls, and various indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Hanging Up

    The products are lightweight and easy to install for stage performance, door curtains and other advertising scenes.

Pixel pitch from 3.9mm to 20mm

Transparency from 55% to 95%

Brightness from 2000 nits to 5000 nits

Average power consumption 200 watts per sq metre



Can the Transparent LED Film be mounted on the reverse of the glass or acrylic?

Absolutely, it can. The Transparent LED Film can be affixed to the front of the glass/acrylic or the rear of the glass/acrylic.

Is it feasible for this product to be used outdoors?

The Transparent LED Film is not rated for weather resilience for outdoor use. However, it possesses High Brightness (4000- 5000 nits) and can be viewed under direct sunlight when placed behind a window/glazed surface.

What type of adhesive does the film utilise and can the component/panel be removed with ease from the glass post-use?

It utilises a transparent and patented adhesive. The LED module can be removed with relative ease although it is primarily designed for fixed installations and it is not advised to take off and reinstall the LED modules frequently. Its maintenance is simpler than traditional LED screens and you can utilise a soldering iron to alter the defective LED pixels or return these to the factory for professional repair.

How does the Transparent LED Film fare in extreme heat or frigid climate?

The Transparent LED Film has undergone testing in conditions of +50°C and -20°C without any problem or failure.

Have you verified the Transparent LED Film and LED pixels you utilise in a highly UV-radiated environment and can it still serve reliably over an extended period?

Indeed. The Transparent LED Film comes with a 2-year Guarantee and is rated for at least 100,000 operational hours.

Is it feasible to have the component/panel with a transparent plastic power box as an alternative to black?

There isn’t a transparent plastic power box available currently, but alternative colours such as white can be personalised and provided.