UNIFY VSN only resells selected products that are proven to be of the highest quality with robust and durable systems.

All our solutions are offered with a minimum 12-month guarantee and many can be offered with an extended warranty. UNIFY VSN has a team of experienced and highly trained staff who proudly provide online and onsite support services (during business hours)  to ensure that you can be confident that you are in safe hands every step of the way.

We understand that your visual communications are paramount to your business and, whilst many of our competitors will only provide a return to base/manufacturer service. Our mission is to make sure that you harness the impact of your technology investment and achieve the best possible results from these outstanding display technologies and are therefore able to offer bespoke support plans.

We realise that despite every endeavour to choose the best technology, things will still go wrong and usually at the worst possible time. Our ongoing monitoring, planned maintenance, and reactive customer support means that we can often be ahead of the challenge and our customers typically enjoy same business day support and most importantly first-time fix. This means they experience minimal disruption and maximum uptime.

How does the Technology work?

Each of our products works differently but typically consists of a media source sending a signal to the LED display. the content is then displayed. This is often either via the Content Management System or an HDMI source such as a PC. We will work with you to ensure that the chosen LED display is suitable for the environment. As an example, we know that a screen that works well indoors may not be suitable for a bright window so we provide hi-bright solutions that are designed to operate and be visible against bright sunlight. We also provide a range of pixel pitch options on our products. Where a large pixel pitch may look stunning from a distance the image will degrade the closer you get to the screen so again we work with you to ensure you have the right product in the right place.

How do I create my content?

HYPERVSN offers you the ability to create stunning 3D content in just a few clicks with HYPERVSN 3D studio. Many of our 2D Display products have their own Content Management Systems where you can load and schedule media.

Do I need training to use the Products?

The answer is no, our step by step guides will assist you to build your display and only basic tools are needed for assembly.

Where can I use the displays?

Unless specifically stated as “outdoor” most of our solutions are designed to be used inside and not external environments. These can be placed in a wide array of environments from boardrooms to shops, hospitals to exhibition venues, and everywhere in between. However, because we have our own fabrication and design team we have been able to create bespoke enclosures that enable the use of these products in outdoor environments. Please note this will increase lead time on all projects as each solution is created on a per-project basis.

What size can the display be?

The HYPERVSN solo device can display visuals up to 75cm. Merging multiple solo devices into wall displays can create visuals of any size. Our LED Walls and Transparent Film can be created in virtually any shape or size including spheres and cubes.

Extended Service Pack – Available

Each device comes with a one-year return to base warranty.

An extended warranty can be purchased on top of standard warranty to include:

  • On Site Warranty
  • Hot Swap Device if device cannot be repaired on site
  • All Parts
  • Labour
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • 24/7 Online Support

What if I need something customised?

UNIFY VSN works with highly experienced designers and fabricators to provide a full range of metal, wood, and plastic products to help your ideas come to life, whether that be custom frames and structures, cabinets and surrounds our team will always find the answer to make the impossible, possible.