Manufactured with Europe HYPERVSN has focused on creating a high quality product and robust system. Only the finest components are used in the production of all elements of the HYPERVSN 3D technology product and system.

With a 12 month guarantee and 24/7 online technical support from HYPERVSN you can be confident that you are in safe hands every step of the way when a HYPERVSN customer.

UNIFYVSN now firmly established as a HYPERVSN partner only uphold further the focus on quality and support for all customers. Our team of dedicated HYPERVSN specialists will ensure you are in safe hands from your initial enquiry to final product delivery, and ongoing support.

Our mission is to make sure you harness the impact of 3D technology and achieve the best results possible from harnessing this outstanding display technology for the benefit of your needs.

How does HYPERVSN work?

A processor unit sends a signal to each of the LEDs on the fan arms and tells them where it needs to turn on and start spinning. Your eyes perceive this light as a hologram.

How do I create my 3D content?

HYPERVSN offers you the ability to create 3D content in just a few clicks with HYPERVSN 3D studio.

Do I need training to use HYPERVSN?

The answer is no, our step by step guides will assist you to build your display and only basic tools are needed for assembly.

Where can I use HYPERVSN?

HYPERVSN technology is designed to be used inside and not external environments. With sola units, portable walls and fixed walls displays HYPERVSN can be used in any internal space from boardrooms to exhibition venues.

What size can the display be?

The HYPERVSN solo device can display visuals up to 75cm. Merging multiple solo devices into wall displays can create visuals of any size.

Extended Service Pack – Available

Each device comes with a one-year return to base warranty.

An extended warranty can be purchased on top of standard warranty to include:

  • On Site Warranty
  • Hot Swap Device if device cannot be repaired on site
  • All Parts
  • Labour
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • 24/7 Online Support