It’s here, SmartV from Unify VSN is the future of digital signage

UNIFY VSN are launching a new generation of hologram called the SmartV. 

Right now, the trend around 3D, VR & VA, the Metaverse and how this will intersect in daily life is high on the global agenda of visual innovation and technological advancement.

This new addition to the UNIFY VSN product range, SmartV features advancements that include the ability to connect to the SmartV solutions via an on-board HDMI connection. The HDMI addition enables SmartV to connect with peripheral devices available in the Pro-AV and Digital Signage markets.

The overarching benefit of the HDMI addition means SmartV can be used to display both 2D and 3D content. This means SmartV can now be regarded as a genuine alternative to the usual video wall or LED solutions for displays.

SmartV enables users to now benefit from a brighter display solution having a 3000 nit rating plus ultra-fine pixel pitch (0.65mm) medium sized display. This new addition complements the existing UNIFY VSN products whilst addressing the wider scope of customer’s needs. 

This additional platform also opens the possibility to create interactive holographic content as the SmartV platform is built on Android, this enables customers to develop custom widgets for their brand. SmartV can be connected to camera, voice, and tablet controls.

Other external triggers including motion sensors or internet data sources can be used to trigger the SmartV display, giving the user a completely interactive experience.

There will be a wide range of accessories to support the new SmartV platform. These will include Perspex protection options, a range of wall mounts and mobile stands. This new addition will come with a perfectly spaced frame as standard; this allows for easy installation and maintenance. 


UNIFY VSN located in Hertfordshire are an authorised reseller of HYPERVSN and have recently installed 3D holographic displays into leading leisure complexes and businesses in the UK. 

UNIFY VSN Managing director Wayne Smithers stated, “The interest in this product is at an all-time high, people are now seeing the real difference that 3D holographic displays that literally float in mid-air are making to audience engagement and ultimately the bottom line”. 

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