Top 10 Innovative Applications for 3D Holographic Technology

Holographic technology has become a popular means for marketing across a multitude of industries, but where does it offer the most effective and innovative results? Here are the top ten innovative applications for 3D technology.


Holographic advertising provides an array of benefits when applied in retail. It can provide authentic 3D images of products and even replicate your home to mimic how items would look, providing a wholly immersive idea.


Hotels can benefit from 3D holographic technology by making the experience better for guests. Large hotels can use the technology to help guests navigate the area, and you can also use it for interior decoration, especially during the holidays. 

Cafes and Restaurants

Interactive menu boards are one of the best applications for 3D holographic technology, and business owners can also use them to entice customers to stop in for a bite to eat by promoting mouth-watering images of your most popular dishes or products.

Offices and Receptions

Holographic signage is effective in the office and reception areas to market your company as one that is looking towards the future. Besides this, you can also use it in meetings and conferences to easily share ideas and help your coworkers or investors envision new products better. 


There is a range of applications for 3D holographic technology in healthcare that can take the pressure off your staff. It will highlight safety protocols around the clinic or hospital, and you can use fun, engaging images and 3D footage in waiting rooms to make the experience more enjoyable and even make the time go quicker, especially in pediatrics.


Entertainment venues across the country have embraced the benefits of 3D holographic technology. It adds an extra dimension to the experience, whether at a concert or movie theatre, among other entertainment venues. When used correctly, it will keep audiences engaged and even encourage them to come back for more. 


There is a wide range of applications for 3D technology at events of all kinds. Whether trade shows, festivals, or anywhere else, you can use 3D technology to immerse anyone passing by. Use it to promote other events in the same venue, or use the technology to finish the event and send everyone home happy and in awe of what they have just witnessed.

Window Displays

Holiday seasons always give you the chance to bring some cheer to your customers with window displays. But, traditional window displays are not as engaging as 3D alternatives. If you want to bring back the magic, use 3D technology to add another element.

Back to Business

Reopening your business following temporary closures allows you to make the most of 3D holographic technology. With this, you command customer and client attention, ensuring you can detail all relevant information about safety within your office or business location.

Use Cases 

Popular at toy stores, malls, and more, holographic content displays, whether solo or wall use cases, will grab customer attention and evoke genuine emotions that engage them with the product and encourage them to interact with your business.


If you want to give your business, organisation, or event a boost, whether this Christmas season or into the new year, holographic 3D technology is the answer. From immersive images to powerful, high-definition detail, it transforms the marketing experience and provides your customers and clients with something they have never witnessed before.