Are You Interactive with Your Customers?

When you can create interactive advertising or promotions, you have the power to create experiences on a completely different level. The power to engage your audience and draw them to into your brands offering takes things to an emotional level.

In an era where your target market is in control and more aware of advertising methods, you must be diversifying your brand and promotional messaging in new ways. Technology such as the HYPERVSN 3D holographic display system is emerging as one of the new ways to deliver hugely engaging displays and imaging campaigns.

It’s about interactivity – from traditional quizzes to virtual and augmented reality to mention but a few, and there is no denying that the bigger brands such Coca-Cola, Lego, McDonalds and many more are actively using interactive methods to communicate with their audiences.  

When first showcased back in 2019 at CES2019, the HYPERVSN solution immediately mesmerised audiences. The use of this technology to create the world’s first interactive 3D slot machine and 3D product catalogue showcased the amazing ability to engage with audiences like never before.


HYPVERVSN is a revolutionary new system that produces the highest quality holographic images that appear to float in mid-air. It’s a new generation LED-based device that produces high quality holographic visuals at 670rpm by HYPERVSN’s four ray device.

Colour representation is extremely high with over 16 million hues of high brightness and consistent quality is achieved even under bright light.

This technology is high adaptable and allows for medium sized images up to 56cm using just a solo device or larger visuals of almost any size using multiple units.

The big advantage is the system software enables you to create or customise content through a simple tool that requires no special design skills. This means creating your own 3D holographic visuals is extremely simple.

The HYPERVSN 3D Holographic system is simple to assemble, basic tools and ability are more than enough and there are easy to follow step-by-step guides. Devices are simple to manage, and integration of all system components is seamless.

UNIFY VSN are approved partners of HYPERVSN, and we offer all you need to create your own 3D holograms using the HYPERVSN technology and systems. Discover more about the products and possibilities by visiting us on

The Possibilities Are Endless for Businesses

The HYPERVSN 3D technology gives every business endless possibilities to create engaging product launches, promotions, brand awareness campaigns and even more interactive options such as catalogues and gamification configurations such as 3D slots for example.

Create humans, create faces, the list goes on, the only limitation is your own imagination. The system is lightweight and extremely portable making it ideal for exhibitions, seminars, and conferences.

This really is Tony Stark like technology but it’s accessible to everyone. The catalogue option and 3D modeler enable you to help customers understand more complicated offerings by allowing them to control the imaging by hand. This means breaking down a complicated structure or working through a product catalogue becomes a fully immersive, interactive experience.

Are you ready to become more interactive with your customers? Studies and data have already reported much higher levels of engagement when this product is used. Conversion rates have also been seen to increase making the customer journey is an easier one.

The future of 3D holograms, the technology behind them and the opportunities for business owners, advertisers and marketers is just unfolding. Do not miss the boat, take the opportunity to discover more and experience 3D holograms as soon as you can.