How Do Holograms Work?

A hologram can mean a flat image on a piece of paper, such as those used on banknotes. However, when most people hear the word “hologram” their first thought is often of 3D, floating images that are produced digitally. This type of hologram might bring to mind various scenes from science fiction, but holograms are a very real option for anyone who wants to create impressive 3D images for their business. Holographic signage offers a fantastic way for your brand to stand out, whether at events or in your own business.

The question is, how do holograms work? Their use of cutting-edge technology enables your brand to use something that may still seem like a thing of the future but can transform your business marketing today.

How Hologram Technology Works

Holograms offer a method of reproducing an image in 3D. It makes use of lasers to replicate an image of a real object or can produce a 3D image created digitally. To produce the 3D image and make it look like it is floating in the air, multiple lightwaves need to be in motion. The standard hologram technology uses a two-ray rotor, which consists of one reference wave and one object wave. The reference wave is created by the light source, while the object wave is reflected by the recorded object. It also uses a photographic plate where dark lines are imprinted following the distribution of electromagnetic energy. The photographic plate is illuminated with another light wave close to the reference wave to reproduce the image.

However, HYPERVSN uses a rotor with four rays that uses hardware that spins at fewer rotations per minute to display a live image. This enables HYPERVSN to create superior holographic images. The controlled speed of 670 RPM gives the image sharper clarity for a more refined hologram.

How HYPERVSN Gives You Control

HYPERVSN uses an integrated system that differs from conventional holograms. Using the HYPERVSN system, you can create, display and control 3D images that are sharper and brighter than other holograms. The 3D technology includes the HYPERVSN device, CMS, and content creator, which all work together to create the 3D images and reproduce them as hologram-like images. Customers can create their content using the content creator, designing and perfecting their 3D images. The CMS manages the device, while the device delivers the 3D display.

HYPERVSN enables you to achieve the highest-quality images for a range of marketing and promotional purposes. Clients using the technology include food and drink brands, car manufacturers, jewellery brands, and more. Even under bright lights, under extreme temperatures, or when displayed behind glass, our 3D images still look great. We use over 16 million hues of brightness to guarantee vibrant colour and the images are always sharp.

Being able to create your own content is one of the best things about the HYPERVSN system. No special training or skills are required to use the content creation tool, and unlimited editing ensures you can get your 3D image perfect.

HYPERVSN takes the concept of a hologram and improves on it with high-quality 3D images that are ideal for a range of events and purposes.

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