Technology In Retail

The role of technology within retail has always been to enhance the customer experience and the evolution of technology has gone hand in hand within the evolution of the retail experience.

One of the key driving factors for retailers to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, is driven by the customers demand for an ever better and improved shopping experience.

The undeniable truth is that the consumer is changing faster than the retailer and the need to keep pace with the consumer is creating challenges for many retailers. There is a prediction that we will see more change in the retail sector in five years than we have seen in the last 20 years. This rapid change will be achieved by the convergence of key technologies that will offer a highly improved retail experience that customers will expect. Whilst the determining factor appears to relate to targeted selling, e-merchandising, multi-channel service and internet marketing there are other technologies to consider.

Product Display & Promotion

With the consumer now more tech savvy than ever before, and used to interacting with digital formats, we are about to see a shift in store displays. No longer is the flat 2D visual display engaging as it once was. The engagement of such product or promotions in-store using flat media are dropping.

The consumer is more engaged with their mobile device whilst in a retail store more than ever. Price checking, looking at alternatives is all part of the consumer experience these days. So how do you disrupt them?

There is a solution!

The answer is holographic 3D technology. Created by the technology innovators at HYPERVSN, the unique hardware and software solution is creating noise within the display and imaging area.

This imaging and display technology is much more than just hardware, it’s a fully integrated system of control and creation that produces digital representations that are unrivalled. This technology is literally mesmerising audiences and creating engagement that has never been seen before. It taps into emotions and the visual connection that we have with images and displays that challenge the mind to believe.

Many retail brands have already tested and adopted this technology, and have seen increased sales that are linked to the impact of the 3D images and displays created in-store, outside, at exhibitions, seminars, and conferences to name but a few areas of use.

3D holograms are set to disrupt visual communication and here at UNIFYVSN we are leading the revolution and ensuring that all business sectors understand and see the potential of this technology. The system creates images and displays which resemble holograms floating in mid-air, they need to be seen to be believed.

How does this 3D technology work?

The impressive four-ray rotor of the HYPERVSN hardware spins at fewer revolutions per minute than two-ray rotors which produce next-level 3D digital visual displays.

Running at a controlled speed of 670RPM produces sharper clarity which in turn creates a brighter and bolder final image. The unique integrated system allows users to create, display & manage 3D visuals like never seen before.

The result is a 3D image that resembles holograms floating in mid-air achieved by the HYPERVSN hardware which is synced with the HYPERVSN CMS to produce truly awe-inspiring 3D visuals every time.

Disrupting the consumer

Case studies have already shown that this technology is disrupting the consumer and target audiences. The disruptive impact is so powerful that one case study in the medical area has shown that the 3D images have reduced children’s pain by 95%.

Read the full article here: How Children’s Pain in Medical Procedures Has Been Reduced By 95%

Those that have embraced the technology at exhibitions have seen visitors literally stop in their tracks and start to engage with the images and messaging used in the 3D displays. In the area of retail, users have reported better visitor numbers in store and increased revenues since adopting 3D holographic imaging and displays.

We are seeing many different industries explore the possibilities of 3D technology, and there are many innovative applications for 3D holographic technology and the huge benefit, this technology is easy to use. This is the real advantage of the HYPERVSN CMS, it allows uses within minutes to be creating 3D displays and images that look amazing.

Are you ready for 3D technology?

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